BOS is creating advanced automation that will help power the future of manufacturing and our way of life.

Automation solutions that deliver bottom-line results

Every manufacturer faces unique challenges. The unprecedented demands of global competitiveness make today’s challenges more complex than ever.

At BOS Innovations Inc, we develop factory automation solutions to help companies achieve greater productivity and profitability through automation. We offer complete services in machine building, and integration of automation and robotics.

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Simply put, we are innovators in Automation. We execute Engineering, Building, and Controls automation with steady Project Management. Find out more about how BOS ensures success for your investment.

This information will allow us to gain a preliminary understanding of your project so we can assign the right team quickly. We will let you know immediately that we have received your information and then schedule an appropriate follow up to dig deeper into the automation.

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A History of Exceeding Customer Expectations

For over 20 years, we've worked closely with manufacturers throughout North America to develop innovative, profit-driven solutions for the automotive, consumer and many other industries. Our customers know us for our quality and our commitment to delivering on our word.