Vision & Geometric Inspection Solutions

Across the manufacturing industry, protecting end customers from defects is paramount and increasingly challenging due to rising part and process complexities with together tolerances and shorter cycle times.  This is driving the need to inspect more parts, more frequently, without disrupting production.


BOS Vision & Geometric Quality Inspection Systems are flexible, turnkey automation that increases the speed and reliability of critical inspections, providing our customers with a competitive advantage in quality (especially at 2am on a Tuesday).

Cobot Vision Inspection

MIG Weld Inspection 2
Complete multiple visual inspections all with one camera system directly alongside of manual operations. Experience both the flexibility and robustness collaborative robots bring to quality inspection.

Cognex ViDi™ Inspection

Cognex Vidi
Harness the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning to complete complex visual inspections in assembly verification, defect detection, option identification and code recognition. 

Automated 3D Scanning CMM

Untitled Project 19
Complete full 3D part measurement quickly without comprising accuracy.  Powered by Creaform MetraScan-R, the C4500-R is fully automated and customized for your specific application.   
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